The Signature Dessert of the Kentucky Derby

Derby pie is one of Louisville’s most beloved signature desserts and the quintessential dessert of the Run for the Roses. It’s a bourbon chocolate walnut pie, served to thousands at Churchill Downs on race day and enjoyed year-round at special events and holidays. The original recipe was created in 1950 in the Melrose Inn by the Kern family, who have closely guarded their secret recipe — as well as the name “Derby Pie” — ever since. If your Derby day just won’t be complete without it, you can order one online or find one locally on the Kern Family's website

Of course, “almost” only counts in horseshoes, but there are some recipes out there for bourbon chocolate walnut pie that are almost as good as the real thing, like this recipe from The Spruce Eats. Whether you buy one or bake your own at home, don’t let your Derby go by without trying a slice!

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